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The Posh Max V2.0 is almost identical to the original version of Posh Max, but now the Posh Max 2.0 has a smoother shaped device, that fits your hand and mouth much better, making it a greater vape. The Posh Max 2.0 has only been released in six great flavors, that are original to the Posh Max series. The flavors available right now are Kiwi Strawberry Ice, Grape Ice, Blue Raspberry Ice, Gummy Bear Ice, Razzmataz, and Spearmint. You are sure to love these flavors from Posh, as they are already a huge success in the midwest United States. With 14ml amazing e-liquid inside the device, this device will last a few days at least. We have had no issues with leaking or broken devices which is also great for the customer. The mesh coil technology is simply on a higher level. The mesh coil delivers an amazing, flavorful cloud of vape that you could have only dreamed about in the past. You mush try the new Posh Max 2.0, or you will be missing out most definately.


Kiwi Strawberry Ice – Most likely the most popular flavor in this line, Kiwi Strawberry Ice Posh Max 2.0 will blow you away with the sweet yet tart flavor combination of Kiwis and Strawberries. Don’t forget that they top the flavor off with a blast of icy menthol, to make it an amazingly smooth hit. Try the Kiwi Strawberry Ice Posh Max 2.0 today.

Grape Ice – Grape Ice is that royally rich flavor of purple grapes that is sure to explode on your tastebuds, and don’t forget the menthol! This Grape Ice Posh Max 2.0 might be the best Grape Ice flavor on the vape market to date! This combination will push your lifestyle to the MAX! Posh Max that is . . . 

Blue Raspberry Ice – Blue Raspberry Ice Posh Max 2.0 is just as it sounds. The Blue Raspberries are just as to be expected, tart yet juicy. Everyone knows that Blue Raspberry flavors could be the most popular flavors on the market, but the Posh Max 2.0 Blue Raspberry Ice is in a tier of it’s own. The icey finish is only a compliment to the amazing design of flavor that Posh has put into the V2 Posh Max Blue Raspberry Ice. Try one today and let us know what you think with an honest review. We can’t wait for you to try the Blue Raspberry Ice Posh Max 2.0 today!

Gummy Bear Ice – Gummy Bear Ice Posh Max 2.0 is that chewy tart Gummy Bear flavor you all know and love. Is it pineapple? Is it strawberry? Nobody knows the real flavor of gummy bears and that’s what makes them so great. What a time to reminise on easier times when you vape the Gummy Bear Ice Posh Max 2.0 Try the Gummy Bear Ice Posh Max 2.0 today and you won’t be disappointed.

Razzmataz – Razzmataz Posh Max 2.0 seems like it may be a confusing flavor? What is the flavor Razzmataz Posh Max 2.0 you might ask? Posh really outdid themselves with this beautiful combination of watermelon slices, combined with subtle sweet and tart raspberries! Yes, watermelon raspberry is the real flavor in Razzmataz Posh Max 2.0. So now that you know the truth behind the mystery, will you try this fantasic flavor Razzmataz Posh Max 2.0? We hope you do.

Spearmint – Ah yes, Spearmint. What a classic vape flavor that fits almost anyone. We must say that there are a lot of different spearmint and mint flavors for vape on the market, but this Spearmint Posh Max 2.0 is nothing like the others. Refreshing, clean, and minty! Just as you would suspect. It’s madatory that you give this new Spearmint Posh Max 2.0 a try, or you’ll be missing out immensely!


New comfortable smooth device shape
Puffs: ~5200
E-Liquid Capacity: 14ml
Nicotine Salt: 5%
Mesh Coil Technology

Posh Max 2.0 14ML 5200 Puffs Prefilled Nicotine Salt Rechargeable Disposable Device With Mesh Coil

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